Print Photography & Graphics – Video – Audio Flash

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and with advances in technology, this is couldn’t be more true. Images, graphics, videos and interactive content can make a website stand out and memorable.


A few of my my favorite print projects have been around hobbies or my family. One example is that I used Illustrator to create Lego boxes, which I then had printed on cardboard and folded to use as a baby announcements or to celebrate our anniversary. I also used it to create pictures for our kids room and create a plaque and decals for a custom Falcon Heavy Lego set I put together.

Photography and Graphics

I have experience with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (Sadly, Fireworks, which I enjoyed using, is discontinued). Below are a few of my personal photographs and graphics.



For creating videos or editing footage I have primarily used Vegas Movie Studio Platinum and Vegas Pro in the past. I always enjoyed editing video content, and learning new techniques or figuring out new features.



One of my favorite projects during my senior year of high school was recording an album for my friend. We used my dad’s equipment to record him singing and playing various instruments, and then mixed it together in Adobe Audition. I also designed an album cover and create a CD and case as a gift since we had only originally planned on recording the MP3 files.


Although no longer supported, Flash is where I started coding and enjoying the computer science field. I was able to take an idea and create something on the computer. While I started off doing simple things in Koolmoves and Macromedia Fireworks, I eventually created more complicated projects and learned Action Script. Some of my favorite projects included creating a widget for Swagbucks, calculating the distance between two points on the globe, drawing and creating landscapes, banners for my blog or Boy Scout website, and birthday cards for friends.