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Being able to use a content management system to create a professional informative website is important, but knowing code allows you to maximize your results and create a better product. The main sites, including this one, I have worked on have been in Joomla, WordPress, and Coda and are listed below.

Element451 Integration Guide

As the main point of contact for API integrations in our organization, one of my ongoing projects is our integration guide. This covers a wide range of topics including maintaining our data library, regular imports and exports, data and document API integrations, and integration platforms. This requires an in-depth understanding of our frontend system, APIs, and integrations.

Berea College Office of Admissions

Over time my role with the Admissions website shifted as we brought on a marketing specialist. When I first started, I helped with writing and maintaining content. While I transitioned away from writing most of the content, I still helped when there were challenges with the HTML code. Along the way the office also added Gravity Forms, which I was the primary user for our office, setting up forms, surveys, and even an online version of our international admissions application.

Swag Central

Swag Central was a way for me to explore and learn about Joomla, WordPress, and web development while promoting Swagbucks. Since the first two versions of the site was created in Dreamweaver and primarily HTML I had to learn how to tweak various CSS files to use Joomla. Eventually I transitioned completely to Joomla and then WordPress, which made maintaining a site easier and also enabled me to create a better looking site. While I rarely update it anymore, Swag Central continues to be a place for me to occasionally try out new ideas.

Internet Freedom

While taking my senior level GSTR (General Studies) 410 class, my research was focused mainly on internet freedom around the world. This website was a way to inform students and staff at Berea College about various aspects of internet freedom. I also partnered with the computer and network services department on campus to add a survey and link on the MyBerea Portal which students and staff used daily. This let me collect and analyze data about opinions on internet freedom. Ultimately this was an enjoyable semester long project for my capstone class.