Resume for Jacob Patton

Master of Public Administration
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky
BA in Mathematics; BA in Education; Computer Science Minor
Berea College, Berea, Kentucky

Let’s be honest, my resume can only tell you so much. Plus, I think that’s kind of what my LinkedIn is supposed to be for. (Though the short of it is I have a Master’s degree, a job that combines IT and higher education, and the CompTia Security+ certification).

What LinkedIn won’t tell you is things like one of my favorite colors is orange and I have my ham radio technician license. I enjoy being outdoors, and wish I could do things like hiking and rappelling more often. There’s just something special about nature and the beauty of the outdoors. The most amazing trip I did was a 5 day hike through Olympic National Park, covering 60 miles and saw some of the most amazing views. In college I enjoyed caving, though I haven’t done it much recently. Maybe one day I’ll find another cave to crawl through.

Professionally, and when when it’s cold outside, I spend time working with computers. I enjoy independently learning new software or improving my IT skills as software, computers, and standards are always changing. This allows me to adapt and stay current as the IT world changes. I believe the two best ways to learn a new program (after reading some of the the documentation) is to push a button to find out what it does and then Google how to do something.

When it’s warm and I’m not with my family or outdoors in my spare time, you’ll probably find me in the garage. This is my spot to tinker, build, and take apart. I grew up spending time in my grandfather’s workshop and always enjoyed learning from him. I have dreams of being a woodworker one day, but reality dictates that my hobby time is limited and better invested in fixing toys and maintaining our house. (My kids think that I can fix almost anything and it’s a sad day when I can’t).

In the end, I enjoy learning new skills, taking on challenges, and try to adapt quickly to new situations. I look forward to applying my skills and knowledge to both my professional and personal life.