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Photography & Graphics - Video - Flash

"A picture is worth a thousand words", and with technology permeating our culture, this is couldn't be more true. Images, graphics, videos and interactive content can make a website stand out and memorable. People often visit a page or read an article simply because it has a picture that draws their attention. 

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Photography and Graphics

Being able to take good photographs and understanding the essentials of photography can produce amazing photographs. I have experience using Adobe Fireworks, as well as some experience with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Below are a few of my photographs and graphics. My DeviantArt page highlights more of my work. (Top)

Picture Gallery

  Berea fall          




For many websites, videos are an essential piece of content. Being able to connect with viewers via video is very important, which requires at least basic video editing skills. For creating videos or editing footage I have primarily used Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, and Sony Vegas Pro. I have also used ProShow to create various slideshows. I enjoy editing video content, and always enjoy learning new editing techniques. (Top)

Video Gallery

matrix  blue intro  intro  




Interactive content is an integral part of the web. Although HTML5 is now more currently used than Flash, I have experience with Flash and AS1 using Koolmoves. Flash got me started in coding and the computer science field, although my education studies prevented me from learning AS3 and continue working with Flash. I still occasionally update the various widgets and projects that are still being used when need. Below are a few of my best projects.(Top)


Flash Gallery

    Draw  Clouds


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